Biking in Zion – Weekend Warrior

This epic weekend is filled with mountain biking to satiate anyone’s appetite. We’ll stay at Zion Mountain Resort on the east side of Zion National Park and use this as our base camp to access some of the best biking that Southern Utah has to offer.


How to get to Zion National Park and other travel suggestions.

travel to zion national parkBy Air
We recommend flying into Las Vegas. Airfare to Vegas is usually pretty cheap and serves as a good place to *rent a car which is handy for traveling the rest of the way to Zion. The St. George Shuttle also provides transportation from Vegas to Saint George. You can arrange for us to pick you up in St. George ($100) and provide transport to Zion Mountain Resort.

*see below

how to get to zion national parkBy Auto
Here are some ideas for how to get here. If one of these does not work for where you are coming from contact us and we iwll give you some advice.

From Las Vegas – Time: 2.5hrs

Get on the I-15 North and drive to Utah. Follow signs to Zion National Park. To get to Zion Mountain Resort you must drive through Zion National Park on State Route 9. Zion Mountain Resort is located on the right side of the road approximately 3 miles from the East Entrance to Zion.

From Salt Lake City – Time: 5hrs

Take I-15 South to the Toquerville exit south of Cedar City. Make a left and follow this road to the first stoplight you come to. Make a left on State Route 9 and follow signs to Zion National Park. To get to Zion Mountain Resort you must drive through Zion National Park on State Route 9. Zion Mountain Resort is located on the right side of the road approximately 3 miles from the East Entrance to Zion.

From the East via I-70 –

Take I-70 West to 89 South. Follow 89 south to State Route 9 west in Carmel Junction. Continue to Zion Mountain Resort on left side of the Highway.

*The freedom to move around freely can be important to some people. A vehicle of your own is not a bad way to go, especially for small private groups. Although we can provide transportation for the entire time you are with us, the mobility you have with your own car is great and can better enhance your downtime (relaxing time).


zion biking packageDay 1 (Biking in Zion)
Arrive at Zion Mountain Resort anytime after 3:00 pm. Check-in at the front d desk and settle in. Dinner is on us. Enjoy a rustic meal from the Buffalo Grill and rest up for an action filled three days.


zion biking adventure packageDay 2 (Biking in Zion)
Off to the high country. After getting sized for mountain bike and sitting down for breakfast at the Buffalo Grille we will shuttle our way north through scenic Southern Utah on our way to Navajo Mountain where we will take in some alpine riding amongst aspen and pines as we circumnavigate Navajo Lake. We’ll enjoy a lakeside lunch and head up to Cedar Breaks National Monument for some sightseeing. Then it’s a rip roaring good time as you descend from Brianhead Peak 11,000ft to the fishing village of Panguitch. We’ll grab dinner at a great secret restaurant on the drive back.

biking in zion national park Day 3 (Biking in Zion)
Get ready for an action filled day of slickrock riding on the otherworldly mountain biking phenomenon that is Gooseberry Mesa. A virtual Moonscape of slickrock bowls and ledges twist and weave us through groves of pinyon and juniper as we make our way out to the western point. We’ll start off on the practice loop to feel out the ride and choose our route from there. Options abound and all skill levels can be accommodated. After riding we’ll head back to Springdale to take in some lunch and some interpretive hiking in Zion National Park on our way back to Zion Mountain Resort.


biking in zion national park packageDay 4 (Biking in Zion)
Today we’re going to hit up the J.E.M. Trail. This is an unbelievably fast singletrack ride through the desert. We’ll be screaming downhill through low lying sagebrush and desert flora as we rip across the plains approaching the Virgin River. We’ll slow a little at this point as we will be riding right on the edge of a chasm that plunges to the Virgin River. We’ll take in lunch and say our goodbyes as we must go our separate ways.

**The activities that make up this trip are all moderately strenuous. Good cardiovascular condition is certainly helpful. If you are questioning your physical fitness please give us a call-we’ll help you evaluate if this trip is right for you.

**All activities are subject to change should we feel that conditions, weather, safety hazards or any other unforeseen factor could influence the trip in a negative manner. We have a couple of different itineraries we use to accommodate necessary logistical changes.

Trip Planning

What and How to Pack:
There is limited space in the van and the trailer for all of our personal items and group ear necessary for the trip. We can accommodate personal gear in bags up to 5000 cubic inches.

After you have registered for a specific trip we will send you a pre-trip packet detailing what gear to bring. It is important that you bring exactly what is on the list.

Bringing Your Own Bicycle:
Two options are available-

    • Bring your bike with you via air or ground travel. If you pack your bicycle in a bike box please be absolutely sure that you have all parts necessary for putting it back together in a ride able fashion.
    • Ship your bicycle to us via UPS. ( Please contact us directly if you would like to choose this option.)

Group Gear:
Regardless of the activity we have gear (bikes, helmets, climbing gear, canyoneering gear) that is available for you to use and is included in the trip price. If you have equipment of your own that you would like to bring please contact us directly so we can discuss your options.

Physical Fitness:
Everyone is usually worries as to how they will perform physically in a group setting. We have trips available that can accommodate nearly all levels of fitness. That being said, if you have concerns about your fitness level please contact us directly so that we can insure that you choose a trip that is right for you. We will also give you some scenario based training modules that relate to the types of activities you will be participating in during your trip.

Dietary Needs and Concerns:
If you have a special diet or allergies that need to be taken into consideration please let us know. We pride ourselves on providing excellent tasting nutritious meals. It is usually very easy to modify our recipes to fit your dietary needs.