Zion National Park Bike Trails

Gooseberry Mesa    Slickrock Trail

Famous for its twisting singletrack trail through Slickrock bowls and ledges, Gooseberry Mesa serves up a multitude of trail options to suit almost all riding abilities with fantastic views of Zion National Park and the Southwestern Colorado Plateau. Gooseberry Mesa is a great place to improve your mountain biking skill sets with abundant rock rollers and balancey steep but short uphill grinds.

J.E.M Trail   Bike & Dip!

Desert singletrack so fast and furious it’ll bring a smile to your face. Relatively easy (technically) riding provides us with some wicked downhill riding fun as we juke and jive our way through the sagebrush-lined singletrack and along the rim of the same Virgin River that carved the famous Zion Narrows in Zion National Park. 

JEM-Hurricane   Rim-Goulds Rim

Approximately 25 mi. in length, the combination of these trails makes for a great full day mountain bike ride for most people. This ride is strenuous because of its length and only moderately technical. Most people have a new found love for the desert landscape after this ride as the views are tremendous and the riding is miles and miles of sculpted singletrack

Navajo   Lake

Welcome to the high country. Here at just over 9000ft. the air is thin but the scenery is amazing. This aspen clad lake loop is approximately 12 mi. in length and can afford one the opportunity to look down Zion Canyon. This ride is a great place to escape the heat as temps can be as much as 20 degrees cooler at this altitude. Drive time is approximately 1.5hr but scenic as can be. Because of drive time Navajo Lake has different pricing.

Thunder   Mountain

Short in length but definitely one of the coolest rides you’ll ever do. This ride is stellar, from its twisting singletrack climbs amongst pines and hoodoos, to its ripping final downhill section, this ride delivers through and through. Some do this as a shuttled ride, but earning your turns is worthwhile. The first part of the ride is on a paved bike trail through Red Canyon, a miniature Bryce Canyon of sorts that provides a teaser of what’s to come. Thunder Mountain also requires different pricing because of its distance.

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