FAQ – Gooseberry Mesa

  • How good a shape do I need to be in?
    • Fitness always helps but we can tailor this ride to meet your needs. We might push you a little further than you would go on your own- but this is not boot camp – unless you want it to be.
  • I don’t consider myself a technical rider, will I have fun on this trip?
    • If you like to push yourself and try new things and have a positive attitude you’ll have a great time. You’ll be a better rider at the end of this trip.
  • What is slickrock?
    • Slickrock is a term used to describe the riding of mountain bikes on rock surfaces. Much of Gooseberry’s riding is on slickrock. The rock, however, is not slick at all. It actually provides excellent traction for our mountain bike tires. The term originated from the pioneers and their hardships using their steel wagon wheels on this unique surface.
  • Should I keep my trip as a private trip?
    • We allow people to open their trip up for others to join. If others join it lowers the cost for everyone. If you are worried about holding others back or vice versa, or you don’t want to go riding with kids, you should elect to keep your trip private. We do try to screen each group to see if they are compatible.
  • Can I bring my own bike and does it cost less?
    • Yes to both. the price drops by $20 if you bring your own bike.
  • Can I ship my bike to you and have you guys assemble it for the trip?
    • Yes, you can- we do charge for this service.
  • Can I bring my own pedals or gravity dropper seat post, or special comfy seat?
    • Yes, you can- no charge for this service.
  • Can you guarantee my safety?
    • Not necessarily. Biking has inherent risks and dangers. Unlike canyoneering or climbing we do not have a safety line on you while biking you are free to make decisions at will. You can ride off of precipices, into trees and cactus, into others and over the bars. We as guides will alert you to hazards and instruct on technique but the end results are in your hands. We do advise that you ride within your abilities and we will help define your abilities. Part of the joy of mountain biking is trying new things and pushing yourself on new terrain. That said, it is also a good idea to return from your vacation in one piece with all of your teeth still in your mouth.

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Cancellation Policy

30 days or more from the trip date- Full refund minus $50 administrative fee.

14-29 days from the trip date- Full refund minus 50% deposit of full trip price.

0-13 days from the trip date- No Refunds