Bike Ride Through Zion

Road Biking Allowed in Zion National Park Many national parks prohibit the use of road bicycles within the park area. Most do this due to traffic, narrow roadways, and lack of bicycle lanes. This is a shame for biking enthusiasts because seeing the beautiful scenery from a bicycle is a great way to experience nature. Luckily, there is a national … Read More

Biking Essentials for Every Ride

The cold has finally disappeared bring with it sunshine and the warmth of spring. With Spring weather finally here, biking is becoming more popular. Whether you’re a beginner to biking or a veteran, be sure that you have the essentials you’ll need when for a successful bike ride! Food and Water Staying hydrated is probably the most important thing to … Read More

Tips on Buying and Maintaining a Mountain Bike

I have been riding a bike for a long time and I have come to master the art of riding bikes. Therefore, I tend to be asked a lot of question based on bikes and some people come to me for tips when they want to buy a bicycle. I believe experience is the best teacher thus I will try … Read More

Lock your Bike -Extra Security Tips

Many people actually do not lock their bikes or they use only conventional bike locks. Many bikes can be easily stolen because of this. The conventional bike locks uses key or a code, mostly these locks work properly and keeps your bike safe from thieves. Keep your bike in a safe place when you are not using the bike. In … Read More

The best places to Bike across Zion’s Area

The installation of the system of Zion Canyon Shuttle has enabled Zion Park to be very friendly to biking. It is now possible to pedal across the Scenic Drive all the way up the Canyon’s zion and beneath the sheer cliffs. This is where the Virgin River goes through the Narrows and a watery corridor that is sand- witched between … Read More

Mountain Biking , St. George, Utah

A totally different experience can be gained by biking fanatics when visiting one of St George, Utah’s biking trail – the Gooseberry Mesa. This place offers a highly challenging yet enjoying ride for bike enthusiasts whole year through but a pretty nice visit from mid-February until November. Gooseberry Mesa is a miles away trails which runs through slickrock situated above … Read More

Advice for Bike Lovers at Zion National Park

Introduction Even if bikes are not allowed on almost all trails and although cross country is also not allowed within the boundaries of the national park, Zion is rated as one of the best national parks that are bike friendly. Running a little below 2 miles alongside the Virgin River, the Pa’rus Trail is very friendly to bikes along from … Read More


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Its the fourth of july weekend !!

Its going to be mid 90s high lows 60s .Spend the fourth in breathtaking Zions. Take a jeep tour and see Zion like you never have.Hope everyone has a safe and fun fourth!

Zion Narrows

Zion Narrows – Zion National Park You may or may not be aware that the Zion Narrows is the highest rated hiking trip in Zion National Park and is also listed by many publications and web-sites as one of the top 100 in the world. In some cases the Zion Narrows hike even makes the top-ten list. What is the … Read More