Bike Ride Through Zion

Road Biking Allowed in Zion National Park

Many national parks prohibit the use of road bicycles within the park area. Most do this due to traffic, narrow roadways, and lack of bicycle lanes. This is a shame for biking enthusiasts because seeing the beautiful scenery from a bicycle is a great way to experience nature.

Luckily, there is a national park that not only allows road cycling but celebrates it. Zion National Park has pristine roads, gorgeous views, and special accessibility for road cyclists. This park is set up in a way that encourages road cycling, unlike most national parks which will not allow bicycles on the road.

Where to Ride
There are a few different places that people love to ride in Zion National Park. While most places are more accessible by those who prefer to mountain bike, there are roads in Zion that are perfectly paved and relatively free of traffic that cyclists will love.

Pa’rus Trail
Pa’rus Trail is the perfect place to head out on a road cycling expedition in Zion National Park. This road is easy to access, provides a great ride, and gives riders the chance to see beautiful scenery. This terrific trail runs alongside the Virgin River, which means the scenery and wildlife are unbeatable. The trail is only a little under two miles long one way, but it is packed full of great views and experiences.

Main Park Road
Once the end of Pa’rus Trail is reached, cyclists can continue to the main park road. This road is slightly busier, with buses passing about every half hour, but it leads to a gorgeous view of the canyon. For safety reasons, cyclists must pull off the road when a bus is approaching, but other than that minor inconvenience, riding the park road is incredibly enjoyable.

Mountain Biking Trails
For cyclists who enjoy road riding as well as trail riding, Zion has a huge number of trails to explore both in the park and on the outskirts. There are trails that lead along canyons, to the tops of mesas, and even along the river. There is no shortage of excitement for cyclists who come to Zion.

Perks of Riding Zion
There are many things that make Zion National Park a great place to ride. There are incredible views of many different natural formations to view along a scenic ride. The Virgin River is a common place to see the unique wildlife that inhabits Zion. The red rock and canyons reflect gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, engulfing the area in a red and orange glow. All of this, and more, is available in a safe and well-maintained riding area in Zion.

There is another perk to cycling through Zion that many people take advantage of throughout the riding season. The park buses will take cyclist and their bikes to trailheads and through the tunnel in Zion. Since cyclists cannot ride their bikes through the tunnel, this service is very useful.

Enjoy this Rare Opportunity
The opportunity to ride on the roads of a national park is one that does not come along very often. Of all the national parks throughout the US, very few of them allow road cyclist on park property. Those who love to get out on the road will really appreciate road cycling through Zion National Park.

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