Lock your Bike -Extra Security Tips

Many people actually do not lock their bikes or they use only conventional bike locks. Many bikes can be easily stolen because of this. The conventional bike locks uses key or a code, mostly these locks work properly and keeps your bike safe from thieves. Keep your bike in a safe place when you are not using the bike. In case you keep your bike outside, then make sure you lock your bike securely.

secure bike
Photo Credit: Pierre Constantineau on flickr

However, thieves have their own ways to steal bikes, though you lock your bike with safety lock, they can still steal your bike effortlessly.

1. Detach the V Brake: Once you lock your bike then immediately remove the v-brake. When you disconnect the v-brake the thief will not be able to slow down when he/she ride the bike. Even, before stealing they noticed the detachment of v-brake, they will surely take time to steal. Either way, your bike will be safe, if they steal, you wait for the crash and catch him or if he still thinking to steal, you still can catch him fast.

2. Remove air from the wheels: Many bikers bring an air pump along with them, so that when they deflate the tiers whenever they lock the bike, they can easily pump the air back when they want to leave. Also it is advisable to remove the air from the tire if you lock your bike for many days. There are very slim chances of thief getting a pump along with him to steal the bike. In case you don’t want to bring pump with you, then you can always go to the closest gas station to fill the air in tires.

3. Remove the chain: Remove the chain when you park your bike outside, to steal the bike can be a tedious process for a thief, and he is sure not very happy to ride a chainless bike.

Conclusion: The best way to safeguard your bicycle is by registering your bike in a national database. The law enforcement can be able to access NBR database easily from any part of the country. No matter where it is recovered or stolen, the owner can be traced easily. The final tip is locking your bike to an immovable object like a tree or a pole, etc.

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