The best places to Bike across Zion’s Area

The installation of the system of Zion Canyon Shuttle has enabled Zion Park to be very friendly to biking. It is now possible to pedal across the Scenic Drive all the way up the Canyon’s zion and beneath the sheer cliffs. This is where the Virgin River goes through the Narrows and a watery corridor that is sand- witched between sandstone walls that are as high as 200 feet.

Bikers need to stay on routes that are established within the park and the only available real trail I the Pa’rus trail. Nonetheless, the Zion’s roads have become famous for bike routes. Cyclists are expected to pay traffic laws. It is prohibited to ride through Zion’s-Mt.Calmel Tunnel or even through other trails. Exceptional doubletrack and singletrack trails are available on the outside of the boundary of the park. The below list shows some of the most popular trails:

The Pa’rus Trail

3.5 miles long is the length of the park’s interconnecting trail which enables cyclists to carefully take a ride through the park’s lower part and also connect with the Scenic Drive of Zion’s Canyon. There are bike racks equipped to the shuttle buses. Most people ride the shuttle to Zion’s Canyon and back, alongside the Scenic Drive and also alongside the Pa’rus trail.

Trails Nearby

Gooseberry Mesa Trail

The 10 mile ride that is located 7 miles from the south of Rockville provides an opportunity for anybody to freely pedal from the tourist saturated trails and the RV-clogged roads and to points of solitude and deafening silence. This moderate ride should be taken or venture to a new trail system venturing from the traditional path which incorporates both bonafide singletrack and technical slickrock.

Gooseberry Mesa and Hurricane Cliffs in Utah
Photo Credit: Bureau of Land Management on flickr

Right Fork: Bunker Creek Trail

The route starts from an elevation height of 11,307 feet on top of Brian Head Peak (situated next to Zion) and ends 14 miles later at the Pangitch Lake after descending for 3,000 feet. Most of the route follows a singletrack, to begin with along a ridge that is breezy and then down a creek-feed valley that is wooded thickly.

Biking through the scenic Zion’s drive is just amazing. It is an experience that is unforgettable.

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