Advice for Bike Lovers at Zion National Park


Even if bikes are not allowed on almost all trails and although cross country is also not allowed within the boundaries of the national park, Zion is rated as one of the best national parks that are bike friendly. Running a little below 2 miles alongside the Virgin River, the Pa’rus Trail is very friendly to bikes along from the entrance of the south park and to the Scenic Drive of the South Campground, crossing various creeks and the river. It also offers a great view of the Watchman, the Sentinel, West Temple and other formations of the lower canyon. The trail is well paved and friendly for pedestrians, bicyclists, pets on leashes, and to those with wheelchairs or strollers. However, the place is not open for cars.

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Transport allowed

From April and all through to October, the Canyonic Scenic Drive of Zion and beyond the Mt.Carmel Highway is not open to motor vehicles that are private with the exception of those motorists with reservations at Zion’s lodge. Nonetheless, the road is open to bicyclists and hikers and shuttle buses too. Bicyclists are expected to pull towards the shoulder’s right road and halt so that shuttle buses can pass.

One can also ride bicycles on other park roads with the exception of the Mt. Carmel’s Zion’s Tunnel. Even though mountain bikes are not allowed on Zion’s national park trail (with the exception of the Pa’rus Trail) which is on the park’s outside and particularly on the State-owned property and Bureau of Land Management, there are several rugged jeep trails which are great for mountain biking in addition to more than 100 miles of trails of cross country as well as trails of single tracks. The Gooseberry Mesa which is just above the Springdale community is in general considered as one of the best destinations of mountain-biking in the area. Other good trails can also be found in the Grafton Mesa that is just nearby.

The well-informed staff at Zion Cycles can give more information regarding some of the best trails for your abilities and interests. The bike shop full service offers a wide range of maps, bikes, repairs, rentals as well as accessories ($ 38-$ 55 for an entire day and also $ 28-$ 45 for half a day).


For road bike and guided mountain trips, the Zion Adventure Company can be contacted. It only costs $ 139 for a half day and $ 179 for an entire day per person, per duo and with lower rates per person for bigger groups. Zion Rock & Mountain Guides also provide bike excursions under guide at the same rates outside the national park.
Beware Bikers- In case you have a bike rack on your car’s rear bump, the bike tires should be kept far from the exhaust pipe; a certain worker in the bike shop informed us how he got a good business by replacing exhaust cooked bike tyres.

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