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Why we are here

Zion is filled with awe and inspiring landscapes. Bike Zion is here because we are passionate about the park and the epic adventures around it. Bike Zion wants to make the adventures and the beauty of this area available to you because we care.

Who We Are

Bike Zion is a family owned business. Dean and Jill Woods want all visitors to the Park and bike riders the Best experience possible in the Park. We have been in business for over 20 years. We are one of the original guiding companies in the Zion Area.

What We Do

The park is vast and complex, Tourists have a difficult time finding the right place to go for their skill level and sense of adventure. Bike Zion is the source to direct adventurers to breathtaking views and rides that they would not be able to locate and experience on their own.

How We Do This

Bike Zion provides experienced guides who are familiar with the park and have been trained in mountain biking and are passionate about the riding in the area. We are here to show you this awesomeness.

Sylvan has been facilitating outdoor recreation since 2011, having guided backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking, canyoneering, skiing and interpretive hiking throughout Washington, Texas and Utah. He has been working with Zion Rock and Mountain Guides since February of 2018, specializing in Zion Canyoneering, rock climbing and mountain biking. He's from La Grande, Oregon and has a bachelors degree in Philosophy from Linfield College. He loves playing music, reading books, getting outside, international travel and burritos. He once won a taco eating competition and is still very smug about it

When Stuart was a boy his mother told him that the three rules of going to the park were:
You must have fun going to the Park..
You must have fun at the park...
You must have fun going home from the park.
So Stuart decided to live in the Park and not leave. Stuart has many years of experience of guiding in the Park. Yoga in the Park. Wilderness Therapy in the Park. MTB, Canyoneering, Mountain Climbing, Crisis Management, Addiction Recovery. The best place for all of these is in the Park.